Bathroom Cleaning Services Pune

////Bathroom Cleaning Services Pune

Bathroom Cleaning Services Pune


An unhygienic washroom is the breeding ground for countless harmful bacterias. Techniques used at home may not suffice to attain the desired level of sanity is the bathrooms. Making sure to eliminate all the germs, we offer holistic bathroom cleaning services in Pune with specialized solutions and machinery that reaches and cleans every nook and corner in your bathroom. From scrubbing the floor & wall tiles, descaling the water taps to cleaning WC seat, bathtub and shower cubicle we do it all. Tray out the bathroom in-depth cleaning services in Pune by Litmaid and witness the change for yourself. A clean bathroom and toilet ensure the first step towards a clean home and a healthy life.
Do stinking and smelling washrooms dread you? Do you feel awful starting your day in not-so-clean toilets? Well, here we are to rescue you from all the washroom related trauma. Just like the kitchen, toilets in Pune need to be deep cleaned every day. It’s not that deep cleaning the washroom in Pune is tasking and hard; it’s just that it should be done daily. And it’s not exactly fun. We will look at ways that will make the washroom cleaning in Pune a little less cumbersome. Moisture – the biggest culprit in toilets
Deep washroom cleaning efforts in Pune go for a toss only because of humidity that takes over the entire place. This moisture alone brings in mildew, discolours grout, leaves water stains, and make towels smell like garbage. It is essential to combat moisture in the toilet first. Use a shower squeegee to pull excess moisture from the toilet walls. This will help you keep your grout dry and mildew-free. Don’t you think it’s better than spending hours scrubbing each discoloured line with an old toothbrush?
Water repellent on shower doors acts as a windshield. It helps water, soap, and minerals scoot down the drain before they cloud your bathroom floor and render it dirty. Experts in Pune recommend exhaust fan is a real superhero. Turn the exhaust on when you take a shower and for 20 minutes afterwards. It will prevent mildew from accumulating on the shower surface, and dry damp towels too.
The shower curtain is a must in Pune. After a shower, close the shower curtain so that it dries up quickly. Next, deep clean your bathroom surfaces in Pune. Dispose of the unwanted stuff and neatly align your cupboards, shelves, and drawers. Once neatly arranged, clean and wipe towel racks, bathroom trash cans, tissue holders, shelves, doors, baseboards, blinds, and window sills. Use an all-purpose cleaner to soak the toilet bowl, shower, bathtub, sinks, faucets and countertops. Do not forget to clean the bathroom trash cans too. After finishing the toilet cleanup regime, mop the floor. Scrub to remove all the germs and dirt, followed by wiping and rinsing the floor dry.
Lastly, make a toilet deep cleaning schedule in Pune and stick to it. From a daily check to a weekly wipe down, a consistent washroom cleaning routine will help in minimising the workload. If you are short of time, hire a professional Toilet Cleaning Services in Pune. Under Litmaid’s umbrella of cleaning services in Pune, one can get their washroom deep cleaned at any point in time. With a professional and trained team Litmaid has the tools, the know-how, and the motivation to make sure your toilet gets deep cleanliness they—and you—truly deserve.

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Service Includes:

  • Cleaning of tiles, sinks, taps, pots, side walls, mirrors, Washroom Window.
  • Disinfection of Washroom.
  • Floor Cleaning – Wet and Dry Mopping of floors.
  • Rusty Taps cleaning & Taps polishing.
  • Cleaning of washroom windows from inside.

Service Time: 1-3 Hours

No. of Servicemen: 1-3


  • Customer need to provide water, electricity.
  • Hard water stains will not removed immediately, periodic cleaning require.


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