Carpet Cleaning Service in Pune

////Carpet Cleaning Service in Pune

Carpet Cleaning Service in Pune


A beautiful carpet transforms your room and adds subtle charm to the indoor decor. What if your favourite carpet loses its shine? Or the stains make you ponder what DIY tip to use next? Put an end to your worries and avail excellent carpet cleaning services in Pune by Litmaid. Pets, dirt, stains, or even constant usage and effect the wear and tear of the carpet. Solving this problem at hand, we use specialized equipment and solutions to spot clean your carpet. From shampooing to sanitization our team of skilled individuals use deep cleaning technique to clean your carpet and give it a new and shiny look. So wave the magic wand and turn your carpet new!
Carpet is the focal point of a room. It should be dust and stain free 24×7. Cleaning the carpet every day is a daunting task for many, and hence people these days are opting for Carpet Cleaning Services in Pune. Though choosing a carpet cleaning company should be smooth and straightforward, people often complain about not-so-satisfactory results and bad experiences. To avoid all the hoopla around hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your carpet, here we are with a list of mistakes that you should avoid. Choosing the company on the basis of the cheapest quote:
Low prices can be attractive, but they are often misleading. Remember it is a bait thrown to entice you and get a booking done. Once the team reaches the venue, they might inform you that the prices cited earlier were only for essential services. This will lead you to pay more than the standard market prices. Also, the company can quote low prices as they use cheap equipment, deliver compromised results and do not guarantee the safety of your furniture. Hiring the company without reviewing customer feedback In the digital era, checking a company’s background is easy. You can browse through thousands of reviews and do your research. On the web you can check the company’s reputation. Whether it delivers everything promised? What equipments do they use? What products do they use? Do they guarantee the safety of the products? What if there is accidental damage? Will, the company, pays for it?
You need to find answers to some of these fundamental questions before you let the company barge in your house and spoil your expensive upholstery and furnishings.  Hire a company on the basis of equipment used You might feel that both types of equipment and products used to clean the house play a pivotal role in determining the result. But how will the material prove beneficial when the team operating it is immature and does not have the knowledge of using a proper combination of machinery and solution? Won’t you land up in soup? Hence do check that only trained professionals enter your house to clean. A clumsy cleaner can cause immense damage to your home irrespective of the high-end machine he is using. Thus, be extra cautious and do not get carried away by the company’s advertising campaigns. At times they show you carrots to attract and mislead.

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Service Includes:

  • We perform foam & an extraction treatment to shampoo the carpet by High Suction Machines & leaving it clean and soft once completed.
  • Brushing of carpet with special brushes & Disk machines.
  • We use German Brands only which leave rich fragrance after shampooing.Remove Oil stains on carpet.

Service Time: 1-3 Hours

No. of Servicemen: 2-3


  • Customer need to provide water, electricity.
  • Hard stained removed immediately, periodic cleaning require for that.
  • 5-6 Hrs requires to dry completely after shampooing.(Do not use till completly dry)


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