Construction Site Cleaning Service in Pune

////Construction Site Cleaning Service in Pune

Construction Site Cleaning Service in Pune

A construction site post completion needs deep cleaning services. All the stained surfaces need to be washed; dust needs to be removed from ceiling pipes, ducts, vents, light fixtures, etc., kitchens and bathrooms need to be sanitized, and pesky pests need to be eradicated. Majority of harmful pests and insects live in the ground. Construction sights dig holes and often have water accumulated in them. This can be the perfect place for insects to live in. At Litmaid, we offer consultancy and eradication of these harmful pests at construction sites in Pune. Our team of experts provide you with effective and noticeable results. Call us without hesitation, and you will never be disappointed with Litmaid construction site cleaning services only in Pune.

(Note: Inspection required, Please contact us on +91 8698245577)*
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Service Includes:
We take the responsibility of Cleaning required at construction site

  • Acid wash
  • Post cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Floor polishing
  • Polishing of rusty taps, rods.


  • Quotation will be given after Inspection by our Executive.


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