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Happiness is… a freshly cleaned house. In today’s era, time is everything. We understand that cleaning may not be on the top of your busy schedule. Fret not! Avail the best house cleaning services in Pune with Litmaid. Our trusted and trained employees will leave no stone unturned to ensure that your house is left spic and span. We promise to breathe life into all the faded and stained floors, corners and tiles. Team Litmaid condones the use of harsh chemicals and chooses child safe and pet safe cleaning essentials only. Knocking the dirt out with our in-depth cleaning services is what we do best! Pamper your home with excellent cleaning services in Pune with Litmaid.

(Note: Inspection required for 6 BHK and Above flat, Please contact us on +91 8698245577)*
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Service Includes:

Deep Cleaning Express Cleaning
Cleaning of floor area by Disc machine Cleaning of floor area manually
Removal of cobwebs. Removal of cobwebs.
Cleaning of Fans, tubes, switchboard, bulbs, door handles, Sledges & Skirting. Cleaning of Fans, tubes, bulbs, doors & Skirting
Wipe and disinfect appliances externally. Cleaning of windows Glasses
Cleaning and disinfection of washrooms. Cleaning and disinfecting of washrooms
Cleaning of accessible surfaces with the correct biodegradable chemicals.  
Vacuuming of sofa, chairs & mattresses. Dusting of Gadgets
Cleaning of balcony area. Cleaning of balcony area by Mop
Cleaning of hard water (Yellow/ White) stains.  
Cleaning & polishing of the RUSTY Taps.  
Cleaning of oil stains in kitchen, trolleys & on chimney externally with eco-friendly material. Cleaning of Kitchen Externally

Service Time: 8-10 Hours (depending on BHK)

No. of Servicemen: 3-6 (depending on BHK)


  • Customer need to provide Ladder/ Stool, Water and electricity.
  • Wall cleaning is not included.
  • Customer need to empty the shelves of Kitchen prior to start of work & arrange the material in shelves post cleaning.
  • Hard Water Stains require Periodic cleaning.

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