Sofa Cleaning Service in Pune

////Sofa Cleaning Service in Pune

Sofa Cleaning Service in Pune


Happiness is a quick nap on the sofa. Do not let unclean sofas stand a chance to interrupt your much-needed nap! Book sofa cleaning services in Pune at Litmaid today itself.

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Happiness is a quick nap on the sofa. Do not let unclean sofas stand a chance to interrupt your much-needed nap! Book sofa cleaning services in Pune at Litmaid today itself.

Common household methods of cleanliness may prove to be unworthy of eliminating dirt from all the parts of your couches or sofas. Our team of experts is well trained for such situations and delivers the desired results with shampooing, sanitization drying with a vacuum cleaner. Ensuring removal of old stains and ground-in dirt, our team assures you of absolutely zero damage to your furniture. Enjoy lazing around on your clean sofa all day long with our Sofa cleaning services in Pune. Apart from cleaning the sofas, we also provide upholstery services.

We ensure to make your sofa/ furniture look like a new one. Contact us to get upholstery cleaning services in Pune.  Can you keep your sofa wrapped under layers of plastic to keep it sparkling clean? Obviously, NO! The living room is our hub, and the couch is the most used piece of furniture. With every member of the family spending considerable time on the couch, how does one prevent it from getting dirty? Well, the only way you can keep your favourite upholstery tidy in Pune is by cleaning it time and again.  We will explore a few tips and tricks to combat sofa stains and clean upholstery fuss-free in Pune. Cleaning Fabric Sofa/ Upholstery in Pune:

Sofa Cleaning Services in Pune suggest that sofa cushions with removable cushion covers allow easy sofa cleaning. Cleaning experts in Pune advice that sofa frames should always be wiped using a microfiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner, and the covers/upholstery should be washed in chemical-free detergents. If there is spilt coffee/juice, grubby hand-stains from oily heads here’s what you need to do…
Get rid of upholstery stains in Pune: Sofa cleaning services in Pune recommend the use of tissue to soak up freshly spilt coffee/ juice If the spill leaves a stain, rub it with a mild soap solution and wipe with a damp cloth. It will dry quickly due to the weather in Pune and leave no stains. For cleaning fabric upholstery in Pune use a detergent. Upholstery services in Pune recommend trying organic solvents, on stubborn spots before use.

Some sofa cleaning services in Pune use baking soda for cleaning the couch and upholstery as it is gentle and effective on delicate fabric. Vinegar, warm water and a spoon of liquid detergent are used as a general cleanser to remove stubborn upholstery stains from sofa sets in Pune. Warm water and borax can be used for eliminating juice, wine, and dark chocolate stains. To remove milky tea and coffee spills, experts in Pune recommend using a cloth dipped in boiling water. Ink stains on sofa sets in Pune can be removed with diluted rubbing alcohol. Blood/ Urine stains can be removed by rinsing the sofa with cold water (for fresh blood) and hot water (for dried blood) until the stain appears faint then scrub with a mild detergent.

Removing oil stains from the sofa in Pune is the biggest challenge. For satisfactory results, you might have to hire sofa cleaning services in Pune. To remove food spills, scrape away particulate matter and blot the oil stain with tissue. To remove it entirely, sprinkle some borax powder to absorb the grease. Brush off when wholly soaked and repeated till the oil is gone. To remove turmeric, blend lemon juice or white vinegar. To remove lipstick marks from sofa sets in Pune use nail polish remover or turpentine diluted in water. You need to be very cautious if you have leather sofas at home. Water alone can spoil the texture of your expensive upholstery. Here are some tips for cleaning leather sofas in Pune at home. Use mild soap with warm water to clean leather sofas. Do not soak the leather and avoid detergent-based cleansers. Wipe the soap gently with a clean cloth dipped in warm water. Use natural leather cleaners with beeswax. Remove mildew or mould with a cloth soaked in vinegar. With all these home remedies, maintaining a sparkling sofa set in Pune might be easy. However, if you are too busy, opt for professional sofa cleaning services in Pune. These service shave trained professionals who use various cleaning agents for cleaning different types of sofas.
Contact Litmaid for expert sofa cleaning services in Pune.

Service Includes:

  • Dry Vacuuming of sofa to remove dust.
  • Ecofriendly Fabric Shampoo treatment to sofa.
  • Use suede brush to remove surface dirt, dust & Remove the spots.
  • Drying the sofa using High suction Vacuum cleaner.
  • For sofas & chairs that are upholstered with leather, we perform a treatment using leather cleaning cream.
  • Remove the Oil stains on sofa.

Service Time: 1-3 Hours

No. of Servicemen: 2-3


  • Customer need to provide water, electricity.
  • Hard stains will not removed immediately, periodic cleaning require.
  • 6-8 Hrs requires to dry sofa completely after shampooing.(Do not use sofa till complete dry)
  • Cushion cleaning will be charged Additionally (50 Rs per cushion).


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